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PROFI Tennis Programme - we recommend !

This programme is intended to optimally develop players’ skills. The individual approach adopted for each player ensures that every player’s maximum potential is achieved. This programme is identical to that used by world-class players.

For physically more mature players it can be extended by an extra hour’s sparring every day. Daily physiotherapy is an essential part of this programme.


The price is prepaid in advance and will be charged according to the actual training undertaken. For more information see the section Fair Price.


Expected scope of the programme:

5 hours with coach, individual sessions (1 player + 1 coach)

5 hours with coach and another player on court (2 players + 1 coach)          

5 hours sparring (2 players on court without coach)



Prepaid price of programme:

Length of programme Summer season – price of programme per week Winter season – price of programme per week
1 – 4 weeks 9.000 CZK 10.000 CZK
5 – 8 weeks 8.500 CZK 9.500 CZK
9 – 26 weeks 8.000 CZK 9.000 CZK




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