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Rules of the TOPTENNIS Academy


Application form

Completed application forms for the Academy must be sent by e-mail, fax or by filling in the application form online at the latest one week before your intended arrival. 


Payment can be made either by paying fees directly onto our bank account, or by cash payment at the Academy during the first few days of training. If you are staying less than 8 weeks, all fees will be paid as a lump sum. If you are staying for longer, then eight weeks are paid up front, and the subsequent 4-week pre-paid instalments are calculated according to the sum of training costs for the previous weeks. Prior to departure, or at the end of every month, you will receive a summary of your training for the previous month. In the event that you do not take up all of the training allowance determined for the selected programme, the relevant additional charge will be refunded. In reverse cases, excess training will be added to your bill.  


If you can’t play...

If for some reason you can’t play (injury, fatigue) and you tell us at least a day in advance, we will not charge you for the training, and at the end of the month we will either refund the cost or give you the equivalent discount on your next payment. If you cancel training sessions any time later, you will pay for it without any right for a refund. Prices for individual hours can be found in the Fair Price section.



In the event of rain, we wait for half a day. If the rain doesn’t stop, training will be moved indoors. We do not charge you for lessons not started due to poor weather. Naturally, the price per court in the hall is higher.


Daily programme

The daily programme is posted up on the notice board and also on the website during afternoon break on the day before.



At the start of their stay, players are handed an agreement to sign regarding conduct on and off the court. We pay strict attention to correct behaviour on court and to fair play.


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