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FACILITIES and tennis courts

The tennis club provides professional sports facilities to all players and accompanying persons, provides enough tennis courts for summer and winter seasons, a physiotherapy room in the tennis hall, a gym, a running tunnel, playing field, etc. A restaurant and accommodation are to be found in the summer tennis courts area. Right beside tennis courts is an outdoor swimming complex. In partnership with the tennis club in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, we provide Academy players with the best sparring partners in all age categories.    



9 clay tennis courts

4 clay tennis courts  right near the club

1 hard tennis court  near club

tennis courts in the hall (Taraflex)

tennis court in an inflatable hall near the club (DecoTurf)


Gym and fitness centre

The gym and fitness centre is located on the first floor of the tennis hall. Professional Panatta fitness machines give players an excellent opportunity to improve their strength. 



Massage facilities are located on the first floor of the tennis hall. A sports (and relaxation) massage, with the use of crystals, offers the best way to relax and recuperate. The whirlpool bath is on the ground floor of the tennis hall; a covered pool and sauna are five minutes walk from the club and 500 m from the Babí vrch pension.  



The restaurant in the outdoor tennis courts area offers superb Czech and international cuisine. During the winter season a buffet is opened up in the tennis hall.   


Sport shop

You can buy every type of tennis equipment from the sport shop in the tennis hall. Here you will primarily find Wilson tennis goods, but naturally you can purchase from the other available brands. Here, you will also be able to get your rackets stringed. 



tennis courts






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