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Fair Price - pricelist

An integral part of sport is the art of fair play. We have introduced this approach to (among other things) our prices. The price for training at our Academy is not determined by a weekly sum where the number of players on court is not guaranteed in advance, which you’ll find at other academies. Instead, every player is charged according the actual training he or she receives and according to the actual number of players on court.

Thanks to our sophisticated system for monitoring the training sessions of individual players, we can differentiate whether sessions involve individual training with a coach, group training, sparring without a coach, etc. In this way, players are only charged that part of the price which corresponds to them, e.g. at a group training session of three players with a coach, each player will only pay 1/3 of the price.

Below you will find an itemised price list for individual services; sample prices for the various programmes are given for each tennis programme – see JUNIOR or PROFI.



Tennis coach

1 player on court

2 players on court

3 players on court

4 players on court

1st class

500 CZK per hr/player 250 CZK per hr/player 165 CZK per hr/player 125 CZK per hr/player

2nd class

450 CZK per hr/player 225 CZK per hr/player 150 CZK per hr/player 115 CZK per hr/player

3rd class

400 CZK per hr/player 200 CZK per hr/player 135 CZK per hr/player 100 CZK per hr/player





Courts 6:00 - 12:00 12:00 - 14:00 14:00 - 17:00 17:00 - 22:00

Summer – Outdoor courts

  90 CZK per hr/court 120 CZK per hr/court 120 CZK per hr/court 120 CZK per hr/court

Winter – Indoor courts

300 CZK per hr/court 300 CZK per hr/court 300 CZK per hr/court 430 CZK per hr/court



 Physical conditioning, fitness, physiotherapy


Item Price 

Individual fitness training

400 CZK per hour

Group fitness training

60 CZK per hour


60 CZK per 30 min


500 CZK per hour



Tennis analysis and consultation


 Item Price                    Note


200 CZK per 30 min


Initial analysis of tennis skills         

500 CZK per hr

Free for PROFI and JUNIOR programmes

Medical test of physical capabilities

2000 CZK


Video analysis

5000 CZK

Complete analysis of strokes 

Creating a diet

250 CZK  

Compiling a training plan


For Academy players

Compiling a tournament plan


For Academy players





 Item Price  Note

Coach accompaniment to tournament

2700 CZK per day

 Trainer (2nd class)

Travel expenses for use of car

5 CZK per km


Providing invitation for player needing visa

500 CZK per player

Subtracted from initial payment when starting a programme

Providing invitations for player’s companions

500 CZK per person  

Sending documents by DHL

1500 CZK  




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