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Trainers and facilities

Top quality and experienced coaches are an essential requirement for high quality training and player tuition. The Toptennis Academy holds its coaching staff in high esteem. We’ve managed to attract experienced trainers, people with many years coaching experience who we have also combined with former top-ranking players. The experience of our trainers is additionally supported through constant training and self-improvement, as well as participation in professional seminars and courses.

The game of tennis is constantly developing and therefore we encourage our coaches to participate alongside players in tournaments. This approach enables coaches to keep an eye on the game of their charges during competitive matches, and helps them optimise their players’ subsequent preparation. In addition it ensures that coaches ‘keeps abreast’ of developments in the wider tennis world and not fall back on the received notions prevalent at their local club.

We try in our work to make every use of the modern training techniques used by the professionals. The use of video analysis, sport-testers, modern training aids, specific match analyses and many other features have today already become commonplace. At least with us, anyway :-)

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