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training targets, plans

The dream of every player is to achieve success in world tennis at an ATP or WTA tournament. The aim of the preparation given at our Academy is to help players achieve their best performance and results in the adult category.

At the beginning we draw up a long-term plan to achieve these objectives. We determine important benchmarks and milestones that must be achieved by a certain age in order for a successful outcome. Based on this long-term plan, we set out interim targets on which we will be continuously working. Skills are systematically developed in line with the age and quality of player. Training targets are strictly adhered to. Coaching sessions and their contents are recorded and later assessed so that subsequent training can be optimised.   

Naturally a tournament plan is devised according to which training sessions are adapted on a weekly basis. We like to ensure that players are accompanied by their coaches at selected tournaments, so that subsequent work in training becomes more effective.


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